About Us

Our combined decades of experience in home ownership and renovation, real estate development, property management, project management and interior design make us amply qualified, but doing it on a shoestring has also made us rely on creativity, imagination, salvaging and recycling. For a little more than the price of a regular cleaning service, but less than designers and contractors, Placelifts can help you make the most out of your space.

Mother-In-Law coming to visit? Placelifts will tidy and organize your drawers and cupboards, line them with fresh shelf paper and arrange any necessary containers.

Children or parents moving in? Placelifts will help carve out a space that is as comfortable, efficient, independent and beautiful as possible.

Kitchen no fun to cook in? Can't find things or put them back easily? We'll tidy, simplify and reorganize so you can relax and create.

Can't fit a car in the garage? We can sort through the paint, gardening tools, holiday decorations, camping gear...

Movers just left and the house looks smaller than when you bought it? Time to call Placelifts!